World Class Tools 2

World Class Tools 2

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Looking for the perfect gift for the tyer in your family? Check out our renowned instructional video – a must for any tyer!

Hackle Gauge
A. This sturdy Hackle Gague is machined of aluminum with highly visible measurements and can be attached to all Thompson and most other shank vises.

Bobbin Threader
B. Our Bobbin Threader makes threading any bobbin a snap. Simply run the threader down the bobbin tube, insert thread into the loop, retract the threader and you’re done!

C. Every tyer needs one of these multi-purpose tools. Used to fluff out a dubbed body, pick out hair or hackle or to place a drop of cement on the head of a finished fly.

Thompson’s Ceramic Bobbins
D&E. Each stainless steel bobbin tube has a machine fitted ceramic insert to provide the smoothest passage possible AT BOTH ENDS OF THE TUBE. Because of the slick surface inherant of ceramic, friction is eliminated at both ends, preventing snagging or thread breaks. Available in standard and mini sizes. Try them both!

Rotary Whip Finishers
F&G. The full rotational ability of Thompson Whip Finishers eliminates twisting and facilitates quick and easy tying of the Whip Finish knot. This tool is absolutely the best you can use to finish a fly and is suitable for both right and left handed tyers. Available in standard and extended sizes.

English Hackle Pliers
H. Patterned after the popular English designs, our pliers are made from high grade stainless steel. Featuring two flexible jaws with flat, parallel gripping surfaces, this tool will compliment any tyer’s kit.

Material Clip
I. Our Material Clip is known as the fly tyer’s third hand. It slips easily onto the sleeve of any cam-operated vise and holds tird-in materials out of the way until needed. No vise is complete without one.

Duplex Hackle Pliers
J. Thompson’s original pliers are equipped with a rubber cushion on one jaw and a serrated brass pad on the other, providing maximum gripping strength.

Non-Skid Hackle Pliers
K. With a rubber cushion on each jaw, our Non-Skid Hackle Pliers can handle the most delicate materials without breakage. Especially well suited for beginners and a favorite of all tyers.

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